Malawi government should intervene for my safety in SA: Bushiri

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Self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, Shepherd Bushiri has made an impassionate plea to his Malawian government to intervene in his case in South Africa.

Bushiri and his wife Mary have left the country, defying their strict bail conditions. They were arrested last month on charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering amounting to R102 million.

Bushiri says they fear for their safety in South Africa. “I am here in Malawi because I’m a citizen of this country. I have come to seek my government intervention over the following issues I’m facing SA. I am not in SA I’m seeking my safety to be considered by the government of SA. I need to be assured of my safety. I want to have a fair trial I have come to Malawi to lodge these concerns and I hope to do that on Monday that the Malawi government should intervene for my safety in SA. I am temporarily in Malawi to lodge these serious concerns to the government.”

Bushiri says he doesn’t want to abscond trials in SA but fled for his safety:

Meanwhile, the Hawks say they are trying to get to the bottom of how Bushiri and his wife Mary managed to skip bail and flee South Africa.

The Bushiris were granted bail of R200 000 each last week and had to report to their nearest police station every Monday and Friday. Their co-accused were granted bail of R100 000 and R20 000 respectively.

The Bushiris are demanding that the South African government guarantee their safety before they return for their trial.

Hawks spokesperson Katlego Mogale says relevant procedures will be followed to re-arrest the fugitive couple.

“With all law enforcement agencies there’s policies and regulations that need to follow and we are doing that. And with regard to speaking to these other countries, there are processes that need to follow with ministries and such.”

Bushiri escape to Malawi sighting safety concerns: