Malawi’s Lilongwe Magistrates Court has quashed an application by the state to allow South African witnesses to testify against the Bushiris virtually in the extradition case.

In his ruling, Chief Resident Magistrate Patrick Chirwa agreed with arguments by the defence team, which is led by Wapona Kita, that the application has no legal basis. This means that South African witnesses in the extradition case have to travel to Malawi to testify.

Kita has reacted to the magistrate’s decision. “The way the deputy wanted to proceed with the matter was just to lay the documents before the court but giving us the opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses. So I say no, that isn’t how things happen, so can we restart all over,” says Kita.

South Africa has applied to have the fugitive couple brought back to the country to face fraud and money laundering charges.

Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri, wife’s fraud case postponed to the 1st of November:

Extradition request

In March, Malawi’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Steven Kayuni, told the court that the extradition request from South Africa has been formally served and includes charges of theft, fraud, forgery and failing to comply with bail conditions.

A warrant of arrest was issued after the Bushiris fled South Africa in contravention of their bail conditions. At the time, the self-proclaimed prophet maintained that they fled due to concerns over their safety.

Shepherd Bushiri addresses the public from Malawi after escape from SA: