Deloitte’s CEO Lwazi Bam says the late Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu served the country under trying circumstances.


Bam says Makwetu’s leadership ensured that the image of the office of the Auditor-General remains intact at a time when the relevance of a number of institutions is being questioned.

The 54-years-old Makwetu died of lung cancer on Wednesday.

The video below is reporting on the passing of Makwetu:

Bam says Makwetu worked hard to ensure that the office of the AG was given more powers.

“One of the complaints was that the AG doesn’t have enough teeth. (But) through the amendments that he spearheaded, the AG (now) has greater powers to make sure that some of the findings can be implemented and they have an impact on people who don’t adhere to what is expected of them,” explains Bam.

Government has sent condolences to the Makwetu family via its official Twitter account.