Makhura to outline Gauteng’s priorities in SOPA

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Gauteng Premier David Makhura is expected to highlight the province’s priorities, including the controversial e-tolling system, when he presents the State of the Province’s Address (SOPA) on Monday morning.

During the weekend, African National Congress (ANC)  Chief Whip in the provincial legislature Mzi Khumalo said they were determined to see the scrapping the e-tolling system.

The National Freedom Party also raised concerns about the e-tolls while the Democratic Alliance said it wanted to know how the controversial system would be scrapped.

Khumalo says the e-tolling system should not be allowed to continue.

“We took a resolution that we don’t want e-tolls and I think that’s the point we’ve wanted to emphasise. We will be looking very closely at how the premier and government are going to deal with this. We are taking into account that it’s a national competency to a certain extent. So, we will be talking to the Chief Whip at the national level.”

Soweto Empowerment Zone

Meanwhile, the City of Johannesburg has refuted what it terms false allegations made via the Gauteng provincial government’s twitter account and other social media platforms.

It says the provincial government alleges that the City intends closing down the Soweto Empowerment Zone and chasing out small businesses operating in the facility.

The city says these claims are baseless, adding that it is regrettable that the Premier’s office would make such claims.

In a statement, the city has reaffirmed its commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurship and assured the residents that the Soweto Empowerment Zone will remain open.