Makhura confident decision on e-tolls will be favourable to province

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Gauteng Premier and African National Congress (ANC) provincial chairperson, David Makhura, says he’s confident that the decision on e-tolls will be favourable to the province.

Makhura was speaking on the side-lines of the party’s Cadres Assembly at the St George’s Hotel in Irene in Tshwane.

Last December government decided to delay a decision on the future of e-tolls on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project until the first cabinet meeting this year. Makhura says he expects good news.

“I think if you have a little bit of patience between now and when the announcement is made you will be happy. I can assure you will be happy. Wait for the announcement. I am happy that we made a very strong case that the e-tolls as they existed have no legitimacy and they are not acceptable to the people of Gauteng and we’ve put a case on the table and we are waiting for an announcement.”

Makhura has also warned ANC members involved in factional battles not to bring them into his province.

Makhura says the destabilisation of the province by factions will not be tolerated.

“If there are any ANC members or anywhere in the Republic who think that this is time to play factional games they must know that here in Gauteng you can hear the mood this is not the playground of those factional games. We are serious we are going to the NGC. We in Gauteng are serious to make sure the ANC cleanses itself of factionalism and corrupt elements and focuses on the critical urgent task of getting this economy.”