ENS Forensics MD, Steven Powell has named Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo as one of the individuals who irregularly received payments from EOH Africa through his service providing company named Molwewane Consulting.

Powell has told the State Capture Commission of Inquiry that EOH Africa secured several payments from the City of Johannesburg without any work being delivered to the City.

Powell says a former EOH employee named Patrick Makubedu was central in making irregular payments to Makhubo’s company without any contracts being in place between Makhubo’s company and EOH formerly known as TSS Management Services.

ENS Forensics found widespread irregularities amounting to about R1.2-billion in deals between EOH and various government departments.

Powell also told the State Capture Commission that numerous payments were made by EOH Africa to the African National Congress’ (ANC) bank accounts to help fund ANC accommodation costs, employee stipends, transportation, and merchandise at major ANC events.

Powell says Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo wrote various emails to EOH employee Patrick Makubedu requesting over R6 million in payments to be made to the ANC’s accounts in 2015 alone.

Live stream below:

Powell read an email sent by Makhubo to EOH.

“ANC January 8 Anniversary national event, transport, accommodation and refreshments R250 000; total R490 000; grand total R6 180 000 and then what follows are the ANC banking accounts and following the banking details, there’s a note from Geoff Makhubo, your support is highly appreciated and we thank you in advance for your support and commitment towards strengthening our democracy.”