Makgoba hopes 2020 will be a year of “orange jumpsuits” for the corrupt

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Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba has called on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to make sure that 2020 becomes the year that those involved in corruption are prosecuted.

Delivering the midnight Christmas sermon at the St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town, Makgoba said next year should be the year of orange jumpsuits for those involved in state capture.

Makgoba says those whose greed had almost brought the country to its knees must be held accountable.

The Archbishop says the people of South Africa are expecting nothing less than seeing those who were involved in corruption being sent to jail.

He, however, cautions against putting unnecessary pressure on the NPA to rush its work, saying it needs to be given space to prepare watertight cases.

“Botched prosecutions and widespread acquittals would be a disaster, sending wrong signals to the corrupt and plunging the country into despair both in the private sector, who facilitated it, and those in the public sector, who took advantage of it,” says Makgoba.

Makgoba also criticized the government for what he says, is too much talk, and less action.

“Much as I have a great respect for the President, they are excellent talkers, good enough to talk a dog down from a meat truck their words are empty and action-less.”

At the same time, he called for a new economic framework to transform the market economy, from a self-serving mechanism for the elites, to the one which is less exploitative.

The Archbishop is advocating for a market economy that serves the environment and distributes resources and income equitably.

On the international front, Makgoba warned that 2020 will be full of action, which could negatively affect the already unstable global economic order.

He cited the up-coming US presidential election and Brexit as potential game-changers that can shake the entire world.

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