Maimane against some National Dialogue on Coalition Governments outcomes

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Build One South Africa Movement Leader Mmusi Maimane says his party’s constituency does not agree with some of the outcomes of the National Dialogue on Coalition Governments.

This as the plenary resolved to allow political parties, civil society organisations and participants to have further engagements and input on the draft with their constituencies and organisations, before the final one is signed.

The two-day dialogue, that was organised by Deputy President Paul Mashatile, took place more than a week ago at the University of the Western Cape.

Maimane explains, “The future of South Africa is in coalitions. We need to build a competent government that cannot be captured and a repeat of state capture. As we have come from the coalitions dialogue, communities are raising with us (that) first of all there must be an amendment of the electoral bill to ensure that people can be directly elected from constituencies. In this way it stops the old parties from being able to dictate the agenda. Secondly the notion of the threshold cannot be accepted, because ultimately it protects the old parties for them to be able to occupy the executive often with people who have been involved historically in acts of corruption.”