Mahumapelo’s supporters reject charges against him as political ploy

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ANC members in North West, believed to be followers of former Premier, Supra Mahumapelo, say the charges against him are just an attempt to prevent him from re-emerging as provincial chairperson, during the party’s provincial conference in June.

Mahumapelo’s supporters were protesting outside the ANC provincial offices in Mahikeng, ahead of his virtual disciplinary hearing. He has been charged with misconduct by the party’s interim provincial committee and his membership was temporarily suspended yesterday.

According to the charge sheet, Mahumapelo is facing five charges, emanating from a rally in Mareetsane in the Ratlou Local Municipality. The Interim provincial committee accuse him of organising and addressing the rally, which took place only metres from an official Siyanqoba rally, organised by the IPC.

He is said to have given JB Marks Local Municipality Mayor, Kgotso Khumalo, a contradictory directive from that of the IPC, which had asked him to resign over fraud and corruption claims.

Mahumapelo’ s supporters, however, believe the charges have no substance.

“ANC IPC has proven in may occasions that they are a constitutional deliquent. They have disregard for the Constitution. Their vehement hatred towards Supra Mahumapelo makes them to be desperate and commit mistakes. They are busy obsessed with the Troikas; they are busy chopping and changing mayors across municipalities and that on its own it has nothing to do with advancement and development of our people in the province as it is our mandate as the African National Congress,” says Picket Organiser, Wessels Morweng.

Some party members have pledged their support to Mahumapelo.

“They are charging comrade Supra for campaigning for ANC at Mareetsane by-election where we won that ward victoriously. So we are saying to the IPC, are they saying to us that we must not campaign for the ANC,” says one supporter.

“No we are here to support comrade Supra. We are saying the uncostitutional structure, which is the IPC cannot charge comrade Supra,” adds another.

Mahumapelo’s supporters cry foul following his suspension:

Mahumapelo has been charged, alongside ANC Women’s League Secretary, Bitsang Lenkopane.

“What they are doing with our provincial acting secretary is not what we are going to agree about because they say they are going to purge comrade Bitsa Lenkopane because of the programme of the ANC Women’s League. If they want to purge comrade Lenkopane, they must attend to all ANC Women’s League members because comrade Lenkopane is not representing herself. She is representing all the ANC Women’s League members in the province,” says ANC Women’s League Provincial Executive Committee member, Betty Diakanyo.

Mahumapelo has told SABC News that he will comment in due course.