The African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee has confirmed that it has approached the High Court in Johannesburg to seek leave to appeal its ruling that the party’s North West Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) should be reinstated.

The court made the ruling last week after the ANC NEC disbanded the PEC, which was led by former ANC Provincial Chairperson Supra Mahumapelo in 2018.

Legal Expert Advocate Joe Modise says he expects the court to clarify what must happen should the ANC NEC not be granted leave to appeal the ruling.

“By right, if your term has expired, it means you no longer have a legal standing or your term of office has come to the end. You are no longer recognised as a structure. But now, the court has to explain what happens because it was ruled in their favour. Now, having ruled in their favour, they have to go back to office, but having to go to office, their term of office has expired. Now, what happens?  If you take them back to office, you are taking them back to office on which grounds.”

Political Analyst from the North West University, Andre Duvenhage, believes the current political state of affairs in the North West province might have a negative impact on the ANC ahead of the May 8th elections.

This comes as the leadership battle within the ANC in the province continues with both the Provincial Task Team and the Provincial Executive Committee saying that they are running the party’s affairs in the province.

The Provincial Task Team led by Premier Job Mokgoro was appointed in 2018 by Luthuli House.

Two weeks ago, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled that the disbandment of the PEC led by former Premier Supra Mahumapelo was unprocedural and that the PEC should be reinstated immediately.

Duvenhage says this is good news for the opposition. “This Supra Mahumapelo episode is going to impact negatively on the province and most probably, we are going to see support going the way of parties like the EFF and to a lesser extend, a party like the Democratic Alliance. We are also going to see a lot of internal conflicts playing itself out at a lower levels and this will impact negatively on the ANC.”

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