Mahatma Gandhi‘s grandson Dr Arum Gandhi has launched a tirade against capitalism.

He says it’s brought suffering and misery world-wide.

Gandhi was speaking in Sharpeville where he planted a tree in memory of fallen liberation heroes gunned down by apartheid police in 1960.

A liberation fighter destined for world renown. Gandhi was born in India and later studied law.

He became synonymous with the principle of passive resistance and the non-violent strategy still resonates around the world.

The group visited the graves of anti-pass protestors gunned down on an infamous March day in 1960.

In memory of Ghandi, his grandson visited South Africa.

He resides in the United States where racial tensions continue to dominate headlines.

Neighbouring Canada is currently hosting the G7 summit of the world’s richest countries.

A trade war is dominating the summit. Dr Gandhi says greed underpins the trade wars of industrialised countries.

Dr Gandhi has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to spearhead transformation in the United Nations.

The UN has been reluctant to transform since the end of the Second World War.

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