Magashule urges NW ANC members to urgently unite

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African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, says there are no plans to act immediately on members who continue to drag the party to court.

He was responding to the on-going case in which former ANC chairperson in North-West Supra Mahumapelo has applied for scrapping of the Provincial Task Team.

Magashule says the party will rather take a route to engage the disgruntled members. He attended the funeral of former Member of Parliament Duma Ndleleni at Ikageng stadium in Potchefstroom.

ANC members in their droves with dozens of NEC members, including the secretary of the Veterans League Des Van Rooyen, and other dignitaries attended the funeral.

Magashule used the event to call on members to unite. He says it is within party members to approach the courts whenever internal processes have been exhausted.

“ANC members have the right to go to court, once they have exhausted all internal process, but in terms of how the ANC operates, and culture,  we will always say to members of the ANC lets rather resolve our matters internally rather than through the court.”

Party stalwart, who was Duma’s friend and became ANC first North West Chairperson, Zakes Malekane says, the fallen hero would have wanted party members to find each other.

“If Ndleleni was alive he would have wanted the PTT to unite, the mandate from Nasrec was unity and renewal but the ANC never said it’s a quick fix solution. We must emphasise this in memory of comrade Ndleleni Duma. I recruited Duma in 1977, but I have learnt a lot of things from Comrade Duma. Duma was a gallant leader.”

Veteran’s league secretary, Des Van Rooyen also sent his condolences. “We think Comrade Duma deserves such a farewell because he was one of those at the fore-front of our struggle when it was not fashionable to do so. Most of us benefitted from his leadership style, his political values and his political education. He learnt a lot out of his leadership style.”

North West Premier Job Mokgoro says he will miss what he termed a rare breed of a politician, who wanted all members of the party to put the nation first.

“If you look at the character of his life, the value systems that underpins his life, that of unity, that of hard discipline, and focus on the liberation of the people. This province with all its problems of divisions, and selfishness, must stop that, it is was what we learnt from all his life.”

Comrades of sixty year old Ndleleni burst into struggle songs in one voice, as he was taken to his final resting place in Ikageng cemetery.  He died a member of the provincial legislature and leaves behind his wife, two children and four siblings.