African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Ace Magashule says there are no charges that have been added to his current court case where he is accused of alleged fraud and corruption relating to the multi-million rand asbestos roof audit scandal in the province.

He briefed the media following his appearance in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court this morning.

Magashule and ten others face several charges of fraud, corruption, and money laundering.  The matter has been postponed to August 11, for a pre-trial hearing in the Free State High Court.

Magashule addressed the media saying, “I have by all means avoided the obvious temptation to speak about the merits and demerits of the ongoing case. This is all because I respect our courts and I always take council from my competent legal team. I will not comment further about the charges against me. All peace-loving South Africans must all-time stand on the right side of the law and when so accused of any wrongdoing, be accorded a fair and just hearing.”

ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule briefs the media about his court case: 

‘Step aside’ rule

Magashule says the issue of stepping aside by party leaders who are alleged to be involved in corrupt activities has been taken back to the African National Congress (ANC) structures for consideration. He says until such a time that the ANC structures make a decision; the issue has been out to rest.

The ANC Secretary General says in the midst of the calls for him to step aside, pending his corruption court case, his fate lies with the ANC structures.

“Our structures, the basic units of the ANC will actually discuss those matters that’s why we have taken them there, remember the highest decision-making body is the National Executive Committee which appoints people, which elects leaders and you have to do certain things, you have to go back and further get a mandate from those branches.”

Top Six to meet with Zuma 

Magashule has confirmed that the party’s top six will be meeting with former President Jacob Zuma, soon. “As the top six, the National Executive Committee has mandated us and has arranged to have a meeting with President Jacob Zuma which all of us have been looking forward to have. So, that meeting will take place, so I’m sure after all the proper arrangements have been made, we will inform you that such a meeting will take place. That’s the meeting necessary and important for the ANC.”

He has thanked his supporters for coming to encourage him this time and for observing COVID-19 regulations. “We wanted to show that we live by example by making sure that we encourage South Africans to behave in a particular way. had to make sure we lead by example as the leaders and say people must behave in a particular way and always respect the restrictions and protocols and sanitize and some were even wearing masks and the crowd that gathered today seemed to have done everything to comply.”

Magashule says he is still ready to clear his name in court because he says he is confident that he will be victorious in this matter.

ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini weighs in on Magashule’s asbestos case: