Suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule says he is campaigning for the party despite being suspended. Magashule is among the dignitaries attending a prayer event for former President Jacob Zuma in Durban.

The event was organised to welcome Zuma back after his release on medical parole while serving a 15-month jail term for contempt of court.

Zuma’s medical parole was granted last month, after which his hospital treatment following an operation continued.

Magashule was one of the speakers at the prayer meeting.

“I will vote for the ANC,  do you think I am not campaigning, I am campaigning,  I will invite you when I am campaigning. I don’t need any permission from anybody to campaign.”

Magashule is charged with corruption related to a multi-million-rand asbestos project when he was Free State premier.

Magashule attends the Welcome Zuma prayer service in Durban: