African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Ace Magashule has thrown his weight behind former president Jacob Zuma, saying he has done nothing wrong and the party will therefore not take any action against him.

Speaking to reporters in Soweto, Johannesburg, Magashule also slammed calls for Zuma to be disciplined and removed from the ANC.

Magashule speaks to the media:

Zuma has defied a Constitutional Court ruling which compels him to appear before the State Capture Commission of Inquiry.

The former president has refused to appear before Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who chairs the commission.

“Leave comrade Zuma alone, just leave him. Why should we suspend a person who believes in what he believes in, why should I call him to order, what has he done. Reporter question, So he’s done nothing wrong with defying? I don’t see anything wrong he has done.”

ConCourt ruling compelling Zuma to appear before Zondo Commission:

“There is no structure of the ANC, be it a province or region which can call for Zuma to be disciplined. They are out of order and this is the populist who always tries to do this,” adds Magashule.

BUSA urges Zuma to appear before the commission

Earlier Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) urged Zuma to appear before the commission, saying he is not above the law.

This comes after Zuma announced that he will not obey a summons to appear before the commission from February 15-19.

The secretary of the commission has been instructed to lay a criminal complaint against Zuma for not appearing last month.

The Zondo Commission says it will announce further actions against Zuma should he fail to appear in February.

BUSA’s president Sipho Pityana says it is clear that there are questions that he is required to respond to over allegations of State Capture.

“As BUSA, we welcome the steps taken by the commission to lay criminal charges in respect of former President Zuma’s failure to attend the commission sitting in January. We also welcome him receiving a summons for his attendance in February.”

“Clearly he has questions to answer and he is not above the law and he must comply with the law. He knew what the commission is about and everybody who is implicated in State Capture would have to appear before the commission. He signed the law establishing the commission and he appointed Judge Zondo as the chair of the commission,” explains Pityana.

Full interview with Pityana: