Mafe’s bail judgment set for Friday

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Judgment in the bail application of the alleged parliament arsonist, Zandile Christmas Mafe, has been set down for Friday, February 4, 2022.

Mafe took the stand at the Cape Town Regional Court on Saturday on charges ranging from arson to terrorism. He was arrested shortly after Parliament was set alight earlier this month and will remain in custody at Pollsmoor Prison.

The state has argued that the safety of public officials and institutions is in danger if Mafe was to be released on bail.

The state was denied permission to submit video footage of Mafe’s alleged confession.

Defence Attorney Luvuyo Godla reflected on the court appearance.

“Come today when someone takes a stand and you say by the way I have video footage, it still goes down to the routes of fairness. It can’t be so. And secondly, there is a lot about that confession which I do not want to disclose to the media.”

Parliament fire accused Zandile Mafe remanded in custody as bail application continues: