Madikizela-Mandela remembered in Lesotho

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They came in numbers to honour a woman who they can relate to, for her long years in the liberation struggle.

The Lesotho Federation of Women Lawyers – DPE and SHE-HIV – came together to honor South African struggle icon and ANC stalwart, Me Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

The groups say “Mam Winnie’s legacy must not die but multiply even beyond South African borders.

While others viewed her as a political icon and a symbol of resilience, to others she was a fellow religious partner who inspired them deeply.

“The Government is sleeping while people are being enslaved, Mam Winnie’s job was to speak up against such,” said Matjako Nkhahle.

“Even the naming of the airport, the naming of the schools, monuments built…I. don’t think will be enough for Mam Winnie. As long as we don’t shake the socio-economic foundations of our own country, in order to ensure reforms.”

And some remembered her through song and praise. Artist Tlalane Mokhesi says, “A wise daughter once said, they robbed my mother her legacy while she was alive. Those who vilified her through speeches and books, don’t think we have forgotten, the pain you inflicted on her still lives on in us…Wathinda Bafazi, Wathinthi Mbokodo…o otlw mosadi o otla lefika.”

Madikizela-Mandela died on the second of April.