Madikizela-Mandela was loved by all in N Cape: Lucas

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The Northern Cape provincial government says it is waiting for a directive from national government on the action it should take following the passing of African National Congress veteran, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Premier Sylvia Lucas says Madikizela-Mandela was loved by all in the province including old people, and thus should be properly honoured. She spoke fondly of her previous interaction with the late struggle stalwart.

“At our consultative conference I still remember, she came in and she was singing something and people were laughing about this song that she was singing, and I did not understand what exactly was happening at that moment so when I looked around I could see that all the people were making the actions that Mama Winnie was making, so I realised that she was actually describing a woman while she was singing, and it was so her, that person that could immediately change the whole atmosphere.”

The ANC Women’s League in the province says they have suffered a huge loss. “To the Women’s League it is indeed a great shock and we’re still in mourning and we dip our banner to this revolutionary leader. She has always been the person we would look up to. The Women’s League would always go to Mom Winnie when we needed advice, when we needed to have blessings on some of the decisions and some of the directions we had to take. So for us, it is indeed a blow and it is a hole that could never be filled by someone else,” says Northern Cape ANCWL Deputy Secretary Gail Parker.

The ANC in the Northern Cape has described the late stalwart as a person who stood for integrity.

“Over the past 10 years I had the opportunity to serve with her in the national executive committee of the ANC, she was at all times very critical, very authentic and she was genuine in whatever she raised. But deep in her heart it was for the best interest of the poorest of the poor. She would always be seen with the down trodden of society in informal settlements , the fight that she put on for people with HIV/Aids to ensure that there is a widespread distribution of anti-retro-viral drugs,” says ANC Northern Cape Chairperson Dr Zamani Saul.

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