Deputy President David Mabuza says business leaders need to make it their priority to skill the youth. He was speaking at the Human Resources Development Council summit.

Mabuza says the youth are pivotal in the country’s ability to confront the Fourth Industrial revolution.

Industry players, labour experts and civil society , grappling   with youth unemployment and the Fourth Industrial revolution.

The first industrial era gave the steam train and advances in digital technology. And the Fourth will bring even further change that will be the most likely alter the way we live and work.

David Mabuza says:”By opening the eyes of our children to what has been termed the 4th industrial revolution, we stand a better chance to be at the forefront of these developments and to reap its benefits instead of being spectators and uncritical consumers of new technologies.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to raise global income levels. But improving the quality of education is critical, especially in science and technology fields in which South Africa is below par.

The summit, which ends on Friday, is also expected to put Higher Education under the spotlight.