Mabuza to lead National Heritage celebrations in Kokstad

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The Kokstad Municipality in southern KwaZulu-Natal says today is the beginning of restoring the dignity of the indigenous people, especially the Khoisan and the Griquas.

The town of Kokstad in the southern KwaZulu-Natal is named after 19th-century Griqua leader – Adam Kok the Third, who was the chief of the Griquas.


In honour of Kok, the municipality has decided to rename one of its buildings after Adam Kok and also unveil Kok’s statue during the Heritage Day celebrations.

But after more than a decade of independence, the Griquas suddenly found themselves under British control in 1874.

Kok died tragically in a carriage accident while en route from Kokstad to UMzimkhulu.

Today, Deputy President David Mabuza will lead the National Heritage celebration in the area and also unveil Kok’s statue.