Mabuza to fill President Ramaphosa’s shoes at the inauguration of Kenya’s new President

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Deputy President, David Mabuza is expected to attend the Kenya’s new President William Samoei Ruto on Tuesday. Mabuza will represent President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ruto is due to succeed his boss Uhuru Kenyatta who retires after two terms in office. At least twenty world leaders are expected at the inauguration ceremony.

President Uhuru Kenyatta rose to power in 2013 in a political marriage of convenience with his deputy William Ruto.

At the time the two were facing crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court for allegedly planning and financing those behind the chaos.

Uhuruto as they came to be known worked well in the first term but fell out after the March 2018 handshake between Uhuru and the then opposition leader Raila Odinga. His administration has had a mixed bag of hits and misses.

He will be remembered for big infrastructure projects including new roads, ports and the standard gauge railway. The projects were however said to have led to high public debt.

Kenyatta also failed to tame corruption despite coming to power on a promise to end corruption. Opinion is divided on his performance as curtains fall on his administration.

His successor will inherit an economy on its knees, a country deep in debt and staring at a food crisis following failure of four consecutive rain seasons.

How he steers the East African nation out of these crises will determine how his reign’s dalliance with the people shapes up.

VIDEO: William Ruto to be inaugurated next week as Kenya’s president