Mabuza says land reform process must continue

Deputy President David Mabuza
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Deputy President, David Mabuza, says land reform processes must continue to ensure land is returned to those who were forcefully deprived of it.

The ANC, EFF and other parties are backing the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation. The DA and some other parties are opposed to the move.

Mabuza has warned those who are against expropriation of land without compensation to desist from dividing South Africans along racial lines.

Mabuza is answering oral questions in the National Assembly on Tuesday. He’s rejected claims that expropriation without compensation will impact negatively on the economy.

“We must do it under the confines of our constitution and the rule of law so that actions like land grab invasion of private land is discouraged.”

Parliament’s Ad Hoc committee, looking into changing Section 25, is obtaining more input from experts, with many expressing their opposition to the amendment.

Mabuza says land reform will be used to enhance the agriculture sector.

“On a daily basis, we are engaging farmers and pledging to donate land for redistribution. Some business leaders in the mining sectors have donated land as their contribution in addressing our land reform programme. As government, we are relieving land that is in the hands of the state in order to advance the objectives of land reform. We are addressing key development places around urban and rural human settlements, agricultural production, enterprise development and in general.”