Mabuza hands over ANC’s highest award to Goldberg

Rivonia Trialists Denis Goldberg.
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ANC deputy president David Mabuza has handed over the party’s highest award – Isithwalandwe to one of the Rivonia trialist Denis Goldberg in Cape Town.

86-year-old Goldberg was in prison on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela and other Rivonia Trialists.

He was among those who were given the ANC’s highest honour at the party’s launch of its election manifesto in Durban recently, however, he could not attend due to ill health.

Mabuza visited Goldberg at his home in Cape Town to hand over the award.

“I really am truly grateful to be joined with our generation and previous generations, going back a very long time in the history of the ANC, that brought us into our democratic society,” says Goldberg.

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