Mabuza calls on military veterans to speak in one voice

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Deputy President David Mabuza has called on military veterans to speak in one voice and refrain from excluding one another according to which liberation formulation they belonged to in the past.

Mabuza has been speaking during an engagement with military veterans in Durban discussing socio economic challenges facing the veterans. During the start of the meeting some military veterans threatened to disrupt the meeting accusing Mabuza and the government of having neglected their well-being.

Mabuza is the chairperson of the Presidential Task Team on Military Veterans established by President Cyril Ramaphosa to respond to their plight they have been raising with government.

Mabuza says military veterans must not discriminate each other according to their previous liberation formations.

“Out of all the associations we are dealing with you must know that there is a liberation war veteran. You must invite them in you meeting as I also do invite them. What I know is that a leader of the liberation war veterans is Lwazi, is there any other person. We must deal with issues affecting all of you and not to exclude other people from attending the meeting. Because such things unnecessarily delay us.”

Mabuza has assured military veterans that they will get their pension payment next month.

Mabuza says failure to pay veterans their pension timeously was due to the delays by the department of Military Veterans.

“We are talking to the Department of Military Veterans that they pay this pension in December, but they are playing games. We have had several meetings with them. They told us that they are busy with something, and I agreed, but it has taken so long. I want this pension to be paid on the 1st of December.”

Deputy President Mabuza says military veterans’ pension benefits should be expected