Mabuyane amends court application to interdict SIU from continuing investigation

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The Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane, has amended his court application to interdict the SIU from continuing its investigation into allegations of maladministration, and impropriety against him regarding the awarding of degrees at Fort Hare University.

Last week, he filed papers citing President Cyril Ramaphosa, the SIU and the university as respondents. He originally intended to ask the court to declare President Ramaphosa’s request for the SIU to investigate maladministration at Fort Hare unlawful and invalid.

Mabuyane now does not want the proclamation to be declared invalid or set aside, just the investigation by the SIU regarding him.

Mabuyane says the SIU investigation is outside the scope of the proclamation and that is abuse and unconstitutional.

Mabuyane also attached an affidavit supporting his application regarding interactions between him and the SIU.

In it he says the amended court application is to narrow the scope of the relief sought as he still supports the corruption and maladministration investigation at Fort Hare.

He maintains the investigation into him by the SIU is malicious and designed to cause embarrassment.

In his affidavit, he notes communication with the SIU indicating his willingness to meet and then questions their investigation methods which included a subpoena and the approval of a search and seizure operation on his home after he filed the court application last week.

He says he gave his full co-operation during the investigation, approaching the SIU to do interviews and supplying all requested documents.

He says the SIU investigation is an abuse of power. The matter will be heard on the 13th of June.