Suspended African National Congress (ANC) councillor in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Andile Lungisa says his party membership was never suspended.

This after the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay said it would investigate his eligibility to serve in any party structure.

Lungisa was elected Branch Chairperson for Ward 2 in Nelson Mandela Bay during a Branch General Meeting.

The membership of the former ANC Youth League president was suspended last year for defying the party.

Lungisa was convicted for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to two years in prison for hitting a Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor with a glass jug during a brawl in a council meeting in 2016.

Lungisa maintains self-defence in his assault of DA councillor in 2016

He was released on parole after serving two months of his sentence. Lungisa insists that he is a party member in good standing.

“Remember my case was a political case that is why the ANC assisted in securing the legal team which represented me when I was going to court. I became a victim of that legal team. A person that is supposed to be aggrieved to complain against the ANC is myself. The ANC cannot complain against me because I’m a victim of a process of my own organisation but I’m not a crybaby like a small boy,” says Lungisa.

Andile Lungisa | Former ANC councillor gives media briefing following his release on parole