Professor Patrick Lumumba is who a Kenyan orator, intellectual, legal expert and scholar presented the acclaimed keynote address at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Lecture 2018.

Prof Lumumba says China is exporting various things in Africa including fish, textile material and electronic material, “The question is, what is Africa exporting to China beyond primary product. When China is handing down these many loans including the promise $60 billion to African countries what will it get in return.”

“My view is, we must begin to ask foundation questions what are we doing to ensure that China does not run roughshod over African countries and there is indeed an engagement that is mutually beneficial,” says  Lumumba.

Lumumba says, “If we are going to engage with China in a manner that is sustainable and for benefit of the people of Africa we must ensure we reduce the trade imbalance and that requires certain action on the part of African countries.”

He is known throughout the continent for his thought-provoking and hard-hitting stance on matters affecting Africa.

Prof Lumumba was addressing South African leaders at the 10th Vaal High Impact Leadership Summit 2018.

Lumumba oratory prowess allows him the rare ability to pronounce candidly and courageously on the leadership challenges facing Africa. He treads freely on “no-go zones” such as corruption on the continent, post-colonial leadership effectiveness, the influence of the western media on Africa and African unity (which he asserts to be the only way to avert the re-colonialisation of the continent).

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