Lovedale Primary principal in EC slaps a learner

Education spokesperson Malibongwe Mtima
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Teacher aggression towards learners has once more reared its ugly head in the Eastern Cape. This after a school principal at Lovedale Primary in Alice allegedly slapped a 13-year-old boy.

The incident allegedly took place after the boy failed to produce classwork.

It has angered many educational stakeholders including non-profit organisations looking into the rights of children.

The mother of the boy, who wants to remain anonymous, says her son is still traumatised.

She has urged the department to deal with the accused principal decisively.

“I’m hurt because my child now is not going to school. I want the department to deal with this case as according to its policy. When the teacher slaps the child what does the policy do? I want the department to act according to the policy”.

However, Education spokesperson, Malibongwe Mtima says they are investigating the matter.

“Our follow up action will be based on what the report is saying. For instance if the report is suggesting that we must investigate as it is saying we are going to institute an investigation so we can determine how true is that. We appeal to the parties involved to be calm and allow the department the space to conduct its investigation”.