A total of R400 000 of money looted from the North West government is alleged to have been used to pay for the African National Congress’ 104-year celebrations.

Koroneka Trading and Projects’ Director Babadi Tlatsana has told the State Capture Commission she got to a point where she had enough of her business account being used for money transactions between SA Express and the North West Department of Transport that she did not understand – or receive invoice for.

She later had a meeting with SA Express General Manager Brian van Wyk who was desperate to have a discussion on how she can release the last R20-million that had entered Koroneka’s account.

In a tape recording, Van Wyk wanted Tlatsana to release the money so they could pay back R400 000 for 150 reflector jackets they had bought for the ANC 104-years celebration.

The commission heard the recordings on Saturday: “So he said he had paid R400 000. That is the amount of money they had spent in connection with ANC 104-year celebrations. Yes chair. (Zondo) was he talking about money that had been taken out of the account of your closed corporation for that purpose? He was telling me to pay back this money; this money was to be paid back to him.”

Tlatsana has told the State Capture Commission that she became concerned, and confused when no one could explain why millions of rand was going through her business account.

SA express sub-contracted Koroneka to do ground handling services at two North West Airports.

She told the State Capture Commission that Van Wyk and others hijacked Koroneka and utilised it like a “shell company” to siphon off millions.

Tlatsana told the commission how R14.9-million was paid to a company called Neo Solutions for so-called airport security which was non-existent.

She says R9.9-million was later transferred to Batsamai Investment Holdings – which was registered to the mother of Van Wyk’s life partner.

“I was just going along with this and I didn’t want to be hard on him, indicating that I’m not happy. I was just being underground so that I could end up getting information, what is he trying to do with all these monies because when I ask for invoices I am not getting any information. And should I talk to, it never came into my mind that I should contact the lawyer.”

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