Thousands of shoppers have flocked to malls in Johannesburg and other cities since midnight to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday specials.

In South Africa, Black Friday means that consumers can buy items at a cheaper price. The custom originates in the United States, where the Thanksgiving holiday in November signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

As Black Friday fever spreads across the country, Johannesburg shoppers flocked to malls across the city in their numbers.

Long queues had already begun forming outside Game stores more than five hours before midnight. Black Friday is considered an opportunity for many to buy items they cannot afford throughout the year.

The shoppers at a mall in Kimberley were experiencing the Black Friday excitement for the very first time, “I think Black Friday is a good thing, it’s only about what you want, then from there you pick up and you go.”

“They have very good specials so I’m very excited, “says one of the shoppers.