Lockdown induces fitness boom in South Africa

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The lockdown has seen a fitness boom across South Africa.

Since regulations were eased under Level 4 allowing joggers back on the road, the number of people exercising seems to have doubled.

With others opting for home workouts, online training has also gained traction.

“We see more people  coming out to excercise and its encouraging to see people especially the young people. It’s important to keep healthy, says one Durbanite.

“As older people we suffer from many illnesses, exercise helps to keep one fit and healthy and can prevent unnecessary illnesses. I urged the elderly to come out even a short walk is enough, adds another one.”

Fitness experts say its important take care of your physical health during these trying times.

The lockdown has caused much anxiety and uncertainty but one of the positives is it by the time it ends, many South Africans will be fitter and healthier.

SABC News reporter, Ayanda Mhlongo reports further in the video below: