Local political parties weigh in on US elections

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Americans are currently voting in what is set to be one of the most important presidential elections in decades, pitting incumbent Republican Donald Trump against his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

With the outcome set to have an impact on South Africa’s relations with that country, SABC News found out what local political parties think of the elections and who do they believe will have better relations with the country.

SA political parties share their views:

The governing ANC says they are prepared to work with any leader that will emerge as a winner as the US elections are under way.

Party’ Spokesperson Pule Mabe says what they are hoping for is that the process is peaceful, free and fair.

“Their own law enforcement agencies, those that are tasked with monitoring these elections will do the work that they do when they come to Africa to make sure that we have elections that are peaceful, free and fair, that grants every citizen who is entitled to cast their vote that kind of a right and space without them being intimidated or being afraid of violence being meted against them for exercising what is duly their constitutional right.”

EFF’s Head of International Relations, Gordrich Gardee says that they are not interested in the US elections outcome. He said it doesn’t matter who wins, as their policies remain the same.

“The American government is an institutionalised entity. The government comes, the governments goes but their policy position and ideology never changes. They will have the same policy on Israel/Palestine conflict; they’ll have the same policy on Africa; they will have the same policy on expanding their military base in the rest of the world, in particular Africa. They will still impose sanctions on innocent countries like Zimbabwe. So, it matters not.”

The IFP’s Mkhuleko Hlengwa said given the recent events of racial tensions and mass protests, the party hopes that this will not spill over to the electoral process.

“These elections have a huge impact as far as international politics are concerned. From politics to economics and of course, the current prevailing difficulties of COVID-19 vs the World Health Organisation and of course, many other world bodies. Therefore, we hope that the American people will go to these elections understanding they are of serious consequences, not just for the US but the world over. Be that as it may, we wish the American people, as the IFP, all the best for their elections today.”

Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip in Parliament Dr. Corne Mulder says these elections are not only about the candidates but about the heart and soul of the United States.

“I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be one of the most contested and most important elections in the US in many decades. It’s not a question of only an election between Trump and Biden. This election, in essence, is about the heart and soul of the American state. We’ll have to wait and see where it’s going to end in the end. I’m not going to make a prediction at this stage, safe to say it is going to be a quite close contest.”

ACDP leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe says he’s hoping for a Trump win.

“When it comes to economy and job creation, Trump did well and I’m hoping the people will not judge him by his utterances and also what happened with corona, but with his ability to take command and take charge of the economy so that America can do well economically because if they do well many African countries will benefit from that.”

ATM leader Vuyolwethu Zungula, whose party has been advocating for the campaign #PutSouthAfricansFirst, said this is a time for patriotic leaders and that Trump has been unapologetic about that.

“It is the time of leaders who put the interests of their people first and the manner in which Donald Trump has been unapologetic about putting the interests of the Americans first that is why in our view we think that he is going to win.”