Outgoing president of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Parks Tau says corruption in local government is a global threat that needs to be urgently eradicated.

Tau was speaking on the sidelines of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders Congress organised by the UCLG in Durban.

More than 3 000 delegates – including local government experts, are attending the five day event that started on Monday.

Tau says corruption in local government is not unique to South Africa.

“What we experience in South Africa is also experienced by other parts of the world, that is why we have systems and areas of focus in the network that is focusing on how we can improve on accountability, how we enhance reporting, how we enhance mechanisms of combating corruption… because it is an important issue to address, not only in South Africa, but throughout the world.”

“I think it is important to state that when you compare the development in local government in South Africa – comparing to other parts of the world, South Africa has actually done well – however we should not discount the reality that much smaller local authorities will continue to struggle to attract appropriate skills,” added Tau.


Meanwhile SABC News is on Tuesday focusing on Local government issues in South Africa. Watch below: