Durban school endeavours to make COVID-19 protocols less scary

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The staff at one Durban school have gone out of their way to make the children’s return, after nearly 6 months in lockdown, exciting instead of scary.

Across KwaZulu-Natal children as young as five years had to stand two metres apart, waiting to have a thermometer pointed at their heads and have their hands and feet sprayed with sanitiser.

The principal of Durban Primary School in Umbilo, Shaylene Miller, says staff made colourful posters with COVID-19 protocols in child-friendly language, that they put on their classroom doors.

“We have to go all out to make it exciting in these times because they know they’re living through times that they will tell their children about one day. This is history in the making. But its got to be exciting. You cant learn if you’re fearful. You have to be happy and secure. And that’s what our job is. Amongst all this, we’re making our best effort to make it an exciting time at school.”

Below are some of the protocols that schools need to observe: