VIDEO | Source of cholera outbreak yet to be determined: Tshwane Mayor

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Tshwane’s Executive Mayor, Cilliers Brink, says the source of the cholera outbreak is yet to be determined.

At least 32 people are known to have died from cholera-related illnesses with the most deaths recorded in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria.

Speaking during a media briefing on Friday, Brink says tests on water supply from the taps show no cholera contamination.

“The number of patients who report cholera symptoms have, according to all indications, started to decline. But, national, provincial and local governments are still to determine the source of the cholera. Even if tap water is not the source of the cholera the outbreak and loss of human life has highlighted, like no other event before, the plight of the people of Hammanskraal.”

Tshwane Executive Mayor Cilliers Brink gives an update on the City’s interventions in the cholera outbreak: 


On Thursday, the Free State recorded the province’s second cholera-related death.