As South Africa goes into Level 3 of lockdown on June 1, these are the people who can move between provinces during this period:

  1. Learners and students going back to school, with the necessary certificate.
  2. A driver transporting learners or students with the necessary permit.
  3. People carrying out work duties and are in possession of a permit issued by the employer.
  4. People moving to a new place of residence provided they have an affidavit.
  5. People travelling to care for an immediate family member/s provided they have an affidavit.
  6. Members of Parliament performing oversight responsibilities.
  7. Family and relatives attending funerals if in possession of affidavit.
  8. People transporting mortal remains.
  9. Patients obtaining medical treatment.
  10. Persons who are returning to their place of residence from quarantine or isolation facility.
  11. Co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights or a caregiver moving children provided they have the necessary documentation.

INFOGRAPHIC: Level 3 Lockdown: