The South African Liquor Traders Association says it is worried that it may not save most of at least a million jobs that are at stake under alert level three lockdown.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced last month that under the current restrictions, the sale and transportation of alcohol were banned.

In the video below, the President announces that alcohol sale and distribution is prohibited:

The formation says this is forcing workers in the industry into abject poverty.

Lucky Ntimane from the South African Liquor Traders Association says, “In the entire alcohol value chain, about a million jobs are at stake. We are worried that we might not be able to save the majority of those jobs when we do finally get back to trading. At this stage we do not know when that is going to be.”

New Level 3 lockdown adjustments:

SA moves from Level 1 back to Level 3 of the lockdown

The curfew has been extended from 9pm to 6am.

Alcohol sales from retail outlets will not be permitted
On-site consumption of alcohol will not be permitted
No consumption of alcohol in public spaces, including parks and beaches

Not wearing a mask is considered an offence, with the possibility of fine, imprisonment or both.

All indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited for the next 14 days, except for funerals and other limited exceptions.