Limpopo’s economy has grown exponentially: Mathabatha

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Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha says his administration has overseen an exponential growth in the province’s economy. Mathabatha says the annual provincial investment conference, which was piloted three years ago, has led to an increase in employment and business opportunities across the province.

He delivered the State of the Province Address at the Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane.

“Our annual investment conferences, beginning with the first in 2021, have contributed over R280 billion in investment pledges. Rising investment is a sign of confidence and is important for us to address unemployment and poverty. We experienced an increase in employment from 2019 to 2023. Limpopo is in the top three provinces that have shown rising employment.”

Mathabatha says his administration has managed to rescue the province’s ailing government entities in the past ten years. Mathabatha took over the reins in 2013, when five government departments were under administration due to financial mismanagement.

He says that his administration has been able to improve the lives of many communities.

“In 2013, Limpopo was at a critical juncture. Five departments were under national administration. Confidence in our provincial administration was waning. Our task was clear, yet daunting. It was to breathe life back into these departments and restore confidence in our governance. It was a journey akin to the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.”