Limpopo police officer arrested in connection with cash heists

Bheki Cele
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A female police officer, who is allegedly romantically involved with a cash in transit heist kingpin, has been arrested in Limpopo after giving him a car to escape.

This is according police minister Bheki Cele. He was responding to questions from members of Parliament’s Police Committee during a briefing on how to tackle cash in transit heists.

The alleged involvement of some police and security company employees came into question.

Cele says all stakeholders including the security industry should root out the criminal elements in their structures.

“We have arrested three last night in Limpopo. We arrested one of ours [police officer] who provided an escape car just last night and is romantically involved with a kingpin of a cash heist. So these are the things internally. But it looks that in all other groups that we arrested, we have a member of the private security company,” Cele says.