Limpopo partners with Zimbabwe to create Special Economic Zone

Stanley Mathabatha
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Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha says partnerships with neighboring Zimbabwe are important to ensure that the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone is successful.

Mathabatha met three Zimbabwean ministers on Friday to discuss areas of co-operation in Bela Bela.

Mathabatha says the province needs water and requires skills to be utilised through the partnership with Zimbabwe.

“We don’t have water, Zimbabwe has plenty of water. In terms of academic institutions more especially in mining, Zimbabwe is far more advanced than Limpopo. In Matebele they have got an institution in Mining which is far more advanced. They produce a lot of engineers that are working here in South Africa.”

“I think those are the kind of things that we will be learning from them. We will be benefiting from this relationship with Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo Metropolitan Minister, Judith Ncube says they want the partnership to benefit their tourism and mining sectors.

“We are very much interested in partnering with South Africa especially in issues to do with tourism and issues to do with mining. Our people will benefit a lot and we are going to benefit as a country.”