A Limpopo cancer survivor has taken it upon herself to educate others about the disease. She aims to give hope to those grappling with it. Nyeleti Manganyi of Bungeni village, outside Giyani, has started an awareness foundation in rural areas after surviving breast cancer.

35-year-old Manganyi says cancer is not invincible.

The mother of two was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. It was already at stage four when she started treatment a year later.

Following chemotherapy, radiation and operations, Manganyi is now cancer free. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) employee says positivity and discipline were her most lethal weapons.

“I was not ready to die so made sure that I had to fight; I had to make sure that I follow all the treatment. I followed all the appointment and did not even skip one so I had positive attitude towards it and I did not take it in a negative way and did not tell myself it was the end of me.”

Plight of cancer patients during the lockdown: 

With denial and lack of information, many people in rural areas perish. But not under Manganyi’s watch.

“We started this foundation where we were mobilising people, making them aware about this thing of breast cancer. From that day up to now, we managed because most people are now aware. Most of the people who were diagnosed or discovered that they have lumps are already taking treatment,” says Manganyi.

People here have hailed Manganyi’s initiative as a life saver.

Meanwhile, the foundation also takes care of children whose parents lost their lives to cancer.

”This foundation it helps because I even tested myself so that I can know I don’t have breast cancer. Men have this tendency that it is a challenge for only women,” says foundation president Sydney Sono.

Breast cancer survivor shares her experience:

Local resident Sylvester Rikhotso says the foundation helps a lot.

“As a member of community, I realised that I should join the organisation because it is helping a lot; even the information itself it really helps us.”

Manganyi has called on the private sector to help her with funds.