Life Esidimeni inquest to hear evidence from a former senior nurse

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The Life Esidimeni inquest into the deaths of 144 mentally ill patients will on Wednesday continue to hear evidence from a former senior nurse in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

Zanele Buthelezi observed and participated in the relocation of the patients from Life Esidimeni to other unregistered and ill-equipped facilities in June 2016.

The inquest is considering whether anyone can be held criminally liable for the deaths.

On Tuesday, Buthelezi conceded that the patients were moved without being properly assessed.

She said some of them were physically sick.

“They got a mental condition and some of the patients of course were psychotic. There were those patients who were prone to relapse were sent to provincial hospitals.”

“I don’t know or remember any of those who were indicated to be psychotic sent to an NGO. And as for when they left Randfontein they were dehydrated and so on, for Randfontein I cannot account,” adds Buthelezi.

Life Esidimeni Inquest continues: