Life Esidimeni Inquest adjourned until Tuesday

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Monday’s proceedings of the Life Esidimeni Inquest into the deaths of 144 mentally ill patients have been adjourned to Tuesday morning.

They were scheduled to continue with the cross-examination of Rochelle Gordon.

She is one of the nurses who were tasked with overseeing the patients who were moved from the facility to unregistered and ill-equipped non-governmental organisations.

Last week, Gordon testified on how everything happened so fast that there was not enough time to prepare the patients for the new environment.

Inquest into the deaths of 144 psychiatric patients resumed virtually:

The proceedings have adjourned to allow legal representatives time to go through piles of evidence documents before cross-examination could proceed.

Judge Mmonoa Teffo says, “It will [be] proper to afford everyone an opportunity to go through those documents in order to be able to decide if they will be able to cross examine, on the basis of those documents or not. So, I think it will be proper to adjourn these proceedings until tomorrow morning for your cross examination to proceed.”