Liberia’s newly sworn-in President George Weah has cut down a quarter of his salary and pledged it to a development fund for his country.

He announced the 25% cut to his salary in an address to the nation, and warned of tough times ahead for a country that he calls “broke”.

Since his swearing-in last week, the former football star has made several announcements to show he understands the challenges facing his people.

He says his administration has inherited a broken economy, the government is broke.

“The currency is in free fall, inflation is rising, and unemployment is at all-time high and foreign reserves at an all-time low.”

Since it was founded as a country for slaves returning from the United States, the constitution of Liberia only allows black people to own land.

But, Weah announced he will push for the constitution to allow all races to own land.

He has also pledged 3 billion dollars for a coastal road project that will link the capital to the remote southeast.

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