LGBTQI community says discrimination continues in the country

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Some women who are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexed community (LGBTQI), say they still face discrimination.

As the country celebrates Women’s Month, the LGBTQI women say some community members do not tolerate women in same-sex unions.

A married couple, Flo and Kedibone Rabothata, from Modjadjiskloof outside Tzaneen, say more awareness needs to be done to educate society about the rights of all women.

The couple are raising their two blood children. They say some women are facing various forms of abuse.

“Women are being raped, corrective rape because men don’t understand, they don’t get it even that there is a woman who can be in a relationship with another woman.

But the problem is some don’t understand because there is no awareness about it, we are not safe, because sometimes you wouldn’t know what the other person is thinking, others don’t understand this thing, understand that this is who we are, this is my sexuality and this is who I am.”