LGBTQI+ community calls for inclusivity at universities

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Trans and gender diverse persons say the policy landscape in the higher education curriculum should be more conducive. They say stigmatisation and discrimination contribute immensely to the high dropout rate within the higher education sector.

A national conference on trans and gender diverse inclusive education is taking place in Cape Town. The two-day conference will end on Sunday.

Reconfigure the idea of gender and diverse inclusion. These robust discussions laid bare the injustice for the marginilised in the LGBTQI-plus community. Trans and gender diverse persons say there should not be a debate about acceptance.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance further shed the light on those who were oppressed, stigmatised, and suffered violence. They shared their lived realities in higher education institutions.

The Western Cape Education Department agreed that more needs to be done in the basic education sector for conforming learners to be treated equally.

The University of the Western Cape indicated that it has reviewed its gender policy.

Trans and gender persons agreed they too are not immune to stigmatisation like other marginalised groups.