LGBTQIA+ community flocking to Sandton for Gay Pride annual march

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Members and supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community are flocking to Sandton, Johannesburg, where the Gay Pride annual march is expected to take place on Saturday afternoon.

This is despite the United States embassy’s warning of a terror threat in Gauteng’s northern suburb for this weekend.

Organisers say the march along the streets of Sandton will go ahead to campaign against threats based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Law enforcement officers have been deployed at street corners and nearby shopping malls.

The South African government’s security cluster through the National Joint Intelligence Operation says so far there’s no evidence of possible terror threats or attacks has been detected.

SABC news caught up with some of the Pride supporters: “To be here is just to vibe with the amazing people, just spending time with everyone that’s it. I am here supporting my girlfriend Angy who will be performing at 12h00 today. This is a full set for the gay community in support of the gay buddies. It’s not safe to be anywhere but we need to be vigilant everywhere in South Africa today.”

Earlier, the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) said there are no details to support the US embassy’s warning of a terror attack being planned for Sandton, this weekend.

The country was put on high alert on Wednesday after the warning.

Video: Business as usual in Sandton amid security threat warning

Several other embassies in the country, including the UK, French, Canadian, German and Australian missions, followed suit with their own warnings to their citizens based on the US alert.