Let’s return to principles of Ubuntu, Mantula urges South Africans

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Social cohesion advocate Sipho Mantula is calling on government to use sport, arts and culture to unify South Africans.

Mantula’s call comes as South Africans celebrates the country’s rich and diverse heritage.

The legal and political expert is also lamenting the neglect of using languages to foster social cohesion in the country.

Mantula believes that language is a powerful cultural tool that if used correctly could help South Africans learn from one another and understand each other better.

He also slammed the recent xenophobic attacks, warning that hate for others could also cost the country dearly in the long run.

Our producer Lindiwe Mabena also spoke to Mantula about his love for culture and how he uses the power of radio to pass on the wisdom of the elders to the younger generation.

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