Nasi iSpani not electioneering: Lesufi

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Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi has defended the Nasi iSpani Gauteng youth recruitment programme, saying it’s an initiative aimed at reducing unemployment in the province.

This follows a backlash from some opposition parties who have said re-hiring 32 000 young people at this point, is only electioneering as the country heads to the polls this year.

Lesufi has been addressing young people gathered at Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto.

The provincial government will employ 32 000 people to work as Education Assistants, General School Assistants, and Early Childhood Development Assistants in Gauteng schools.

“These are young people that were recorded by national government and their contracts came to an end. We felt that we can’t have 32 000 people unemployed, when they’ve done so well. So people if they say its election work,  it’s unfortunate. We just want to give these people an opportunity rather than for them join the unemployment queue. What is strange is that everyone in their manifesto talks about fighting unemployment but when you do that they also accuse you of electioneering. Our mission is to make sure young people in Gauteng get opportunities,” says the Premier.

SABC News in conversation with Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi:

The Provincial Government’s recruitment drive is aimed at reducing youth unemployment in the province while attempting to improving service delivery.

“Many People don’t understand this they say we live in a world of emails that I should have sent email but to me an email is cold. I have called you today as the Premier of Gauteng saying to the Minister of Social Development that all these 32 000 people gathered in this stadium today; Minister of Social Development keep your social grant, we don’t need social grant for these people. We will employ them to work and stand on their own,” adds Lesufi.

Gauteng Government to employ 32,000 Youth Brigades as teacher assistants via Nasi iSpani: