Lesotho’s PM says his priority is to create jobs in order to keep citizens at home

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The Prime Minister of Lesotho Sam Matekane has made an appeal to the country’s nationals in South Africa not to be involved in acts of criminality.

Some South Africans have accused Lesotho nationals of being involved in illegal mining which also leads to different forms of crime.

He says his priority is to create job opportunities that will stop Lesotho citizens from leaving their country in large numbers to look for employment in other countries, particularly South Africa. On the current global political and security challenges.

“What we are going to do as one of our priorities. … to bring them back”

The new Prime Minister says he is looking at utilising the water that is in abundance in Lesotho to start Hydro Electric power.

“That’s one of the priorities. We are going to work on just to make sure that all Basotho in Lesotho have access to water.”

On the current global political and security challenges, Matekane says world leaders must use dialogue to resolve conflicts in different parts of the world, arguing that taking sides in a conflict will not lead to lasting solutions.

His remarks come at a time when the African continent is under pressure to take sides in the raging war in Ukraine since Russia invaded that country early this year.

“What we need to do around the world so that we can have peace is to make sure that we don’t align ourselves with some other countries that are fighting each other….of our different countries.”

Lesotho’s Prime Minister is expected to make his first international appearance at the COP27 in Egypt in November.

Matekane has assured the Basotho that they will notice changes within the next 100 days.